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Chapter 40: Absolutely without Any Goals

Sarjano has made a great futura for me, a huge wristwatch with numbers and hands. He must have devoted so much time and so much love.and it came with the message: “Osho, I can only offer you this kind of watch.” You can see his humbleness, his love. He is one of my most beloved disciples.

You all have to remember that I have changed the names.. We are thinking about the new man and we are thinking about the future of humanity - and this is the last talk of this series. It is perfectly the right and ripe time to give Sarjano’s creativity new names: futura and presenta.

You’ve been talking about love and freedom, and my girlfriend has gone off with another man. I look inside to see if there is anything resembling love that will willingly give the other freedom, and I can’t find anything except this black misery, which I am surprised to find myself enjoying. Do I have any of the new man in me or is it all old?

These are the blessings I have been talking about every day. After all, your girlfriend has left you. It happens only to very fortunate people and you know it!

You say you are enjoying it; it is just out of old habit that you are calling it “black misery.” You don’t see the contradiction: it is a pure white blessing, not black misery. It is black misery to the man with whom your girlfriend has gone! You should now pray and meditate for that poor fellow. Your girlfriend has done enough for you; now she will do the same to the other fellow.

You say, “I am surprised to find myself enjoying it.” Everybody will enjoy it, because everybody is tortured with our so-called relationships. They start very beautifully, very sweet, but they end up very soon in utter misery, in absolute darkness, and there seems to be no end to the night. That’s why my vision of a new man is that he will only relate with others, but there will be no relationship as such - no binding for tomorrow, no contract for the future. Today is enough unto itself; enjoy it. If tomorrow you find yourselves still together, it is good. If you find yourselves separating, separate with gratitude, because for one day you have given great joy and blissfulness to each other, and it is good that before things become bitter you should separate. At least in your memory those beautiful moments will always remain - fragrant, fresh, alive.

Wealthy Hymie and Becky are sitting in their luxurious New York penthouse watching television when there is a knock on the door. Hymie opens it and is confronted by a hooded six-foot burly figure. “Please,” says Hymie, “take my money, anything, but don’t hurt me.” “Sir,” said the hooded figure, “I am a rapist, not a thief.” “Thank God,” says Hymie and calls over his shoulder, “Becky, it is for you.”

Three months later, same scene: same knock on the door, same hooded figure, but this time Hymie closes the door on him saying, “I have already given.”

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