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Chapter 9: Life Is the Goal

Happiness needs no cause. The cause is created by your misery. The misery says, “Today I am miserable, how right now can I be happy? First, preparations have to be made. Of course, then time will be needed, so tomorrow when everything is ready I will be happy. I have to find a beautiful wife; I have to find the perfect husband. I have to find a good house, a big car.this and that. This is possible only tomorrow. Right now, how is it possible? Time will be needed.” This is the trick of the miserable mind.

The miserable mind says time is needed. The miserable mind lives in time, depends on time. Happiness has nothing to do with time. Just now, just herenow, please try to see the point. It is a question of seeing it. If you become a little alert you can see it right now. It is a realization.

Right now, who is barring your path?

And if you are thinking that before you can be happy you have to find a perfect wife.it looks logical: how can you be happy without a perfect wife? But have you ever heard about any perfect wife? Have you ever heard about any perfect husband, a perfect house or a perfect car? All illusions.

I have heard about one man who was searching and searching and searching. He reached seventy, and somebody asked, “Is your search not over? When are you going to get settled?”

He said, “I am in search of a perfect wife.”

“Seventy years have passed. Death is already knocking on the door. When will you settle?”

He said, “What can I do? How can you be happy without a perfect wife?”

The friend asked, “But you have been searching so long, couldn’t you find one?”

He said, “Yes, once I did find one woman.”

Then the man said, “Then why didn’t you marry her?”

And the seventy-year-old seeker became very sad. He said, “It was difficult: she was also in search of a perfect husband!”

Perfection is a mind-demand, an ego-trip. Life is beautifully imperfect. Once you understand this, you start enjoying right now. And the more you enjoy, the more you become capable of enjoying.

Let me tell you: happiness needs no cause - happiness needs only a habit of enjoying, just a natural quality, a capacity to enjoy. Nothing else is needed. And that capacity comes only by enjoying; by nothing else can it come. If you enjoy, you become more capable of enjoyment. The more you become capable, the more you enjoy. And this goes on and on; it reaches a higher and higher crescendo, a higher and higher peak.

Every moment comes out of this moment. The next moment will come out of this moment. If you have lived this moment totally, loved, delighted, the next moment will come out of this moment, and you will be born out of this moment. The next moment will open more possibilities and it will make you more capable.

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