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Chapter 16: Helplessness: Another Name of Let-Go

You can see Maneesha here. This is the prayer of Vimal - he prayed twenty-four hours to all kinds of gods, Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian, any kind of god, just come and help to take Maneesha’s migraine - because he had started having a migraine! Every day he would have to be hammered - “It is you, because of you, that poor Maneesha is having a migraine. And you are enjoying!”

He started feeling guilty and shaky. Now today he is looking very happy, his prayer has been heard. Now nobody can raise a finger at him.

One other time also a prayer was heard. A man in deep desperation, finding no way to get a small sum of money to purchase medicines or to call a physician for his dying wife, prayed to God: “I don’t want paradise, and I don’t want to be a great saint. I am a small man, very ordinary and mundane - forgive me for bringing such a mundane thing into prayer, but I am helpless; I need fifty dollars. Send it immediately! It is not a metaphysical question, my wife is dying and if the prayer is not heard, to me you will be dead also. I will not pray again.”

But he was a clever man, a little educated too. He thought, “God is so far away that although I am shouting from the roof of my house, I don’t see any possibility that he will hear it, because I cannot see him anywhere. It is better to write a letter, which is more dependable.”

He wrote a letter with his prayer and sent it, but when he started writing the address he was at a loss; he did not know the address of God. Nobody knows his address. Naturally he thought that the postmaster general must know his address, so he wrote, “God the Father, care of Postmaster General.” And to his surprise, just the next day a money order came. But it was not fifty dollars, it was only forty-five dollars. He was very angry. He shouted again from the top of his house: “It seems this Postmaster General has cut his commission! I had asked for fifty - five dollars are missing!”

And what had happened? When the letter reached the post office, they opened it and they felt that the man must be in a desperate situation. Otherwise nobody writes letters to God; nobody has ever heard of writing letters to God. Nobody really knows his address - nobody is in fact certain whether he exists or not. “It will be good that we collect contributions from the office, just a few dollars each, and send this poor man a great surprise, that God has heard.”

But they could collect only forty-five dollars. They said, “It is better than nothing. Send it immediately, because his wife is sick and if we wait for five dollars more, he may not be able to bring the physician and the medicine.” So they quickly sent the express telegram for forty-five dollars to be delivered to this man.

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