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Chapter 6: Be Rejoiced in Me

So, please, don’t become stubbornly determined - that is becoming harder than before. And the hardening of your psychology will make it more difficult. You say: “I am going to sit here till I get enlightened.” You can sit here for ages and you will not become enlightened that way. And enlightenment is possible in a single moment! if you are not there. Sit here in such a way that you are not there. That is the true way of sitting here. Nobody sitting inside, with no stubborn desire, no idea of achievement, no goal-orientation. Just a pure sitting! just enjoying this moment. This moment being with me.these birds, these trees, these people. For no other motive! Just for its own sake. And then this moment is benediction. Then this moment is enlightenment.

This silence.when you are not there, nobody sitting there, but just a pure sitting, no effort on your part, an effortless waiting.no desire on your part, all desiring has disappeared.just being here.and this is what is needed.

And it is not that you become enlightened: suddenly you recognize you have always been enlightened. You just never allowed a moment for it to surface. You were so desirous, you were so ambitious, you were in such a turmoil. You never allowed this still small voice to arise in you. It has always been arising, but the tumult of your desires is great - you have become a market-place. Your mind is constantly chattering. It can chatter about money, it can chatter about meditation. It can chatter about politics, it can chatter about religion. It can chatter on anything. It can start thinking about enlightenment, what it is, how to attain it.and you are missing all the time!

Please, don’t be a fanatic about it. Relax.

The director of a modeling agency was interviewing a young woman for a job. After the usual questions, he ogled her and asked, “Are you a virgin?”

“Yes,” she replied coyly, “but I’m not a fanatic about it!”

Just please don’t be a fanatic about it. Enlightenment is a very, very easy simple phenomenon, the most ordinary experience. It has nothing to do with extraordinary experiences.

Let me remind you again and again: it is the most ordinary experience - because it is your nature. When you attain it, you cannot brag about it. When you attain it, it is not a great thing that you have done. The really great thing is how you go on managing not to attain it - this is a miracle!

The third question:

Why are your words so puzzling?

I am saying so many things. I have to say them because I am talking to so many people. And I am talking to all kinds of people. Mahavira was talking to only one type - his words are not puzzling. Buddha was talking to only one kind of people - his words are not puzzling. I am talking to all kinds of people.

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