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Chapter 17: The Point of No Return

Sri Aurobindo is not sincere. He never quotes this passage, which was his duty to quote. He tries to convince his readers and followers that he is working to open the door beyond enlightenment. He is not even courageous enough to declare himself, to say that he is enlightened. He never declared that. But only indirectly. He is assuming that you will understand that he is enlightened because he is trying to open the door beyond enlightenment. Naturally he must be enlightened, but he is not saying it. To declare it needs courage, not scholarship.

He gives a hint, as if he is enlightened and he is working for others so that they can also go beyond enlightenment. They have not even reached enlightenment. It is hilarious, the very idea that he is trying to open the door.his whole life’s aspiration. All his aspirations were stupid.

They were stupid because others will need that door only if they have become enlightened. First help people to become enlightened, Rather than helping people to become enlightened, he was devoting his whole energy to opening the door beyond enlightenment. And it is not only on this point that he was talking nonsense; he was talking nonsense on many points. Another of his aspirations was physical immortality; he was working so that man can become physically immortal. Naturally you will think he has become physically immortal - these are natural assumptions. And his followers all over the world started spreading the great news, the good news, that Sri Aurobindo had become physically immortal: “Now he is trying to find the right techniques so that every human being can become physically immortal.” And then one day he died!

One of my friends was living in Sri Aurobindo’s ashram. I phoned him immediately and asked him, “What happened?”

But such is blindness. He said, “Here in the ashram everybody was shocked. But the mother of the ashram told us that he has simply gone into a long samadhi. He is not dead; it is part of his project to find immortality. He has found all, but just for the last missing link he has to go into deep samadhi, to dive deep into the ocean.” And he told me that everybody believed it.

For three days they did not cremate his body or bury his body because they believed that he would be coming back. But in three days the body started stinking. Then they became afraid that if the news spread that the body was stinking.

The man was dead; he was not going to come back. After three days they put his body into a marble grave. Still they did not burn his body because he might come back at any moment. The really faithful ones still believe that one day he will come back. And the whole belief shifted towards the mother - she was the co-partner in the business of finding immortality for humanity. And it looked as if she had found it, because she lived for almost a century. It seemed probable; perhaps she had found it. And she was saying that she was going to live forever.

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