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Chapter 12: Laughter Is the Highest Spiritual Quality

Milarepa, although you only imagine that you are enlightened, even in your imagined enlightenment you get a few beautiful glimpses. This is true - walking on water is just an invented story.

I have heard that two old rabbis and one Christian bishop - all great friends - went fishing one day on the sea of Galilee. The rabbis asked the bishop, “Do you believe that Jesus walked on water?”

He said, “Of course.” Then they said, “Can you walk then?”

That frightened him. He said, “I will walk only if you two walk first - because you are an older religion. Jesus was a Jew. You are Jews. And you are great rabbis.”

So one rabbi went out of the boat, walked twenty feet on water and came back. The bishop could not believe his eyes.

The second rabbi went out, walked twenty feet and came back. The bishop said, “My God!”

But now he had gathered courage.if two rabbis can walk - who are not even Christians, and I am a follower of Christ.. He got out of the boat and as he put his first foot in the water, he started drowning. The two old rabbis said to each other, giggling, “Should we tell the poor boy where the rocks are?”

Nobody has walked on water; you have just to know where the rocks are.

But this is really a miracle every morning, Milarepa. I wake up and I think whether I am going to make it to that goddamned chair. But somehow or other, the miracle has continued to happen, and I think it will continue to happen. I am completely drunk on the divine. So it is a miracle to find the way - and that’s why my people have made the chair red, so that I can see where it is.