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Chapter 34: Out of The Mind - Below or Beyond

And I could say that not only you all will be enlightened; you all will be masters. All enlightened people have not been masters, but I can say with tremendous guarantee that my people, once they become enlightened, are going to be masters, for the simple reason that I have been preparing you to convey the message. I am giving you all the devices: how to create bridges between you and those who are blind; how to find words which can contain at least a hint of your experience. Talking to you twice every day for almost thirty-five years..

The danger is that many of you may become masters before they become enlightened, because they have listened to so much; just a little articulateness and they can pretend to be great masters. A few are doing that already around the world; they have become mini-gurus.

But what you heard, you heard rightly. It seems difficult, it seems almost impossible; hence you laughed. The very idea of Sarjano as enlightened will create laughter in everybody. Sarjano, the enlightened master, the piesta seller, the pornography photographer. It certainly.. I can understand why you laughed. You know yourself!

But simultaneously you also felt a tremendous responsibility awakening in you, because it does not matter; neither piesta, nor anything else can prevent your enlightenment. In fact, my people are going to be not just like the stone statues of Gautam Buddha, sitting in a lotus posture doing nothing. How many Buddhas like that can we afford in the world? We will need a shoemaker who is enlightened, a piesta maker enlightened - all kinds of people. Your actions don’t define you; your being remains undefined by your actions. Certainly your being defines your actions. When you are enlightened your piesta will have a different taste

In desperation the young bride finally took pen in hand and wrote to the problem page of a newspaper: “I am married to a sex maniac. My husband never leaves me alone. He makes love to me all night long, while I am in the shower, while cooking breakfast, even while I’m trying to clean the house. Can you tell me what to do?” signed, worn out.

“PS Please excuse the jerky handwriting.”

But even these people have to become enlightened!

My deepest longing is to make all kinds of people enlightened and to make enlightenment a very ordinary, simple and innocent experience - nothing special, nothing holier-than-thou-humble, non-pretending, not claiming spirituality.just being joyous and full of light, radiant with joy, overflowing with love, ready to share their experience in whatever way they can.

Sarjano, there is no need to laugh. You are as capable as any Gautam Buddha. And there is no need to be worried about responsibility, because when you become enlightened you also become capable of fulfilling tremendous responsibilities of which you could have never dreamt before.

[Suddenly the sound of fire crackers is heard in the distance.]

Is this Sarjano making all these firecrackers from his piesta shop? - because I think he is there!