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Chapter 10: The Ostrich Argument

One thing is certain, whether you agree with me or not: I cannot be prevented from presenting my views, my perspective, to the people. And what is happening there, will happen in Germany, will happen in Greece, will happen in England, will happen in Spain, is going to happen everywhere. Sannyasins have to create a worldwide chain of protests, signed by all the important creative artists, novelists, musicians, sculptors, dancers, actors, directors - people of all dimensions who have made an impact on the world.

Collect their names for the protest first in every country, and then send a final protest to the UN, with all the protests of all the countries together - because now it is not a question of one country. If the European parliament decides that I cannot even land my plane at their airports, you cannot now take me just as an individual. I have become representative of a worldwide intelligence of creative, talented people. That is my country.

My sannyasins have to go to the UN, because this is simply ugly. But as I said in the beginning, it is something relative. To me it is ugly. And to all those who can understand, it will be ugly. But to those who believe in the ostrich logic, it is good, it is “for the public good.” But we will show to the world what is good for the public and what is bad for the public!

I was one of those who was taken for a ride when the list of enlightened people was announced, because I thought, “If Osho says I’m enlightened, why not try it out?”

I enjoyed it: I threw a party for a hundred or so friends, and for the next six months - until I became endarkened again - tried to use what I saw as a really potential situation.

The main thing I saw was that I really am okay. Am I kidding myself about that experience?

No, if you can understand it you cannot be kidding.

First let me explain a few other things.

After I declared a few people enlightened - Santosh was also one of them. He wrote me a letter saying, “Your declaration of my enlightenment gives me no excitement, but my being accepted as a member of the committee of the enlightened ones makes me feel very great.”

I sent him the message, “Why does your being enlightened not make you feel excited? The reason is that you think that you are already enlightened - and that is not true. That’s why your becoming a member of the committee of the enlightened ones makes you feel great - at last your enlightenment has been recognized. It is not a declaration for you but a recognition that you have been enlightened long before.

“But if enlightenment is not an excitement, then how can it be a great thing to be a member of the party, or the committee, of enlightened people? If enlightenment itself makes no sense to you, then being the member of the committee cannot make any sense, except this: that it fulfills your ego.

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