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Chapter 33: To Be Enlightened Simply Means I Know Myself

Press Conference: ABC-TV Australia,; People magazine, San Francisco, CA, USA; KOMO-TV, Seattle, WA, USA

I know this’ll be a hard act to follow.

Glad to meet you.

Very pleased to meet you. Okay. Oh, before we start, of course, this is for television. You know the constraints of television, so if we can keep your responses as short and succinct as possible, it will mean that more of it will get to air at the other end. And you are talking to an Australian public; you know what they’re like, you know: very short comprehension period.

Your question has to be short, remember that. If your question has many implications, then my answer cannot be short.

Right. And I’ll keep it as short as possible. Would you say you’re an enlightened man?

I am.

If you are an enlightened man, how could it be that for so long Sheela and her gang were able to carry on their business here?

Enlightenment has nothing to do with it. There is no contradiction. To be enlightened simply means I know myself. That does not mean that I know everybody. That does not mean that I know the future, tomorrow. It simply means that I know my consciousness is fully awakened, twenty-four hours. I know my inner light; I know my eternity, my deathlessness. It has nothing to do. In fact, if I was not enlightened, perhaps Sheela may not have been able to do what she was able to do, because then I would have been just as cunning, as political, as suspicious as everybody else.

My enlightenment makes me loving without any condition, trusting without any condition. It brings my childhood back to me, my innocence. And I still trust and love those people who have deceived. That is their problem, that they deceived; it does not change my attitude. If they can change my attitude they become my masters.

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