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Chapter 7: No Dialogue, No Monologue - Yaa-Hoo!

They said, “Whoever he is.but if near our cemetery anybody says ‘Hoo’ there is going to be difficulty. Then don’t tell us that we are breaking the law.” So the judge summoned me. I went there with at least one hundred disciples. First we did “Hoo” in the court. The judge was absolutely afraid, he said, “Wait! I cannot say that this is insulting the court, because there is no precedent, nobody has insulted anybody by saying ‘Hoo.’ It is perfectly right but you frighten me! Perhaps those poor Mohammedans are right that the way you shout for one hour, even dead people will come alive. And it is natural for them to protect their dead; otherwise the dead will think that perhaps the Judgment Day has come.You can do your meditation somewhere else” because where I used to live there was a great lake, and mountains.

He said, “You can move anywhere. There is nothing that anybody can do against you. But why unnecessarily create trouble?”

And today I have received one question: “I have been doing your meditation, Allah-Hoo, for ten years, but last night I saw the effect of “Yaa-Hoo!” so I tried it instead of Allah-Hoo, “Yaa-Hoo!” And it was such a tremendous transformation that a crowd gathered and people started thinking, ‘What to do with this woman?’ I said, ‘I am doing my meditation.’ And they said, ‘Never heard about such a meditation’.”

They are right: they have never heard, because this is absolutely fresh and new, just born last night.

Seeing her question.and there have been many questions like that “Great things happened. We never expected that so quickly, thousands of people could get lost into a let-go.”

I thought it was a very good meditation, but more than meditation it is a great salute. Around the world, wherever two sannyasins meet, greet each other.and let people’s hands shake, let people have heart attacks; let them do that is their problem, not your problem but your “Yaa-Hoo” should be really sharp. And to make it sharp your hand has to be there!

There has never been any dialogue between two enlightened persons. If you are left alone, you can have monologue but monologue is the monopoly of the mad people. Only mad people talk to themselves. You will find them if you stand by the side of the road you don’t have to go to a madhouse, you are in the madhouse. Just sit by the side of the road, and somebody is talking, somebody is making gestures, somebody is thinking, you can see, the lips are moving! somebody is taking a decision: “No.” And there is nobody else on the road. This is monologue.

No enlightened person will do monologue either. And the discovery of truth from dialogue has never been possible. Only two ignorant persons can have dialogue.

These are the three possibilities:

Two enlightened persons, one possibility no dialogue.

Second possibility: two ignorant persons much possibility of dialogue, but no conclusion.

One enlightened person alone he will be silent. What to say about dialogue, there is no question even of monologue.

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