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Chapter 24: Around Me.Something Happens

In the enlightened consciousness the past, the present, the future are all dissolved into a single moment.

It is impossible to defend you, and equally impossible to desert you. I am overwhelmingly aware of how much I owe you and how deeply I love you.

It is certainly impossible to defend me - unless you become enlightened. That is the only defense you can provide to the world.

No logical, no rational, no intellectual argumentation can defend me; but you can become enlightened, which is far easier. Then you will be my defense - the more souls are aflame, the more I am defended.

And you say, “It is also impossible to desert you.”

That too is possible through the same method, enlightenment - you will be able to defend me and you will be able to desert me. Once you are enlightened, I can say good-bye. There is no need to hang around me. Before that, you cannot defend me and you cannot desert me.

And the remaining question is absolutely absurd. You say you owe me so much - all bullshit. You owe nothing to me unless you are enlightened. What do you owe to me? I just enjoy telling stories.and you think you owe something to me? I just enjoy gossiping, telling jokes, talking about things which cannot be talked about - just an old habit. You don’t owe anything to me. Yes, you will owe something to me when you become enlightened - just a thank-you. That too need not be said. I will understand it.

Oh my master, I know nothing, but I know one thing - that you love me. Thank you, Osho.

You know that I love you, I know that you love me; and really there is nothing else to say - either from your side or from my side. So we can take the next question.

Often my fellow sannyasins ask what I think about a particular event that took place near you, or how I feel about the organization around you. Being here with you, I find myself more interested in that emptiness which you speak around, that space from where you come. Osho, will you speak to my friends about the crazy events and actions that always surround your presence?

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