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Chapter 4: A New Perspective

This is not a story. This is actually an existential fact about almost everybody. I say almost, because I have to leave a few enlightened people out of it. Only in death is everyone surprised. But then it is too late, nothing can be done. Everybody dies in frustration, in despair, in anguish. But a man of meditation dies in joy, in peace, at ease with the whole universe. And it becomes very easy if he is connected in some way with someone who has already arrived.

The best is to do it in life, because then you can live life in an enlightened way. And life is tremendously beautiful: it is just a miracle all around. But if it cannot happen in life, because you have this and that and there are conditions, then at least let it happen in death. But it may not be possible for you alone - unless you have meditated so deeply that death will not create any disturbance in your silence. Then it can happen without the twenty-five-mile radius aura. It can happen anywhere.

But the chances of such a happening are rare because if it could happen anywhere, it would not wait for death. It would have happened long ago. So this device of a commune is simply to keep you engaged here. If you cannot become enlightened alive, I say, “Okay, at least don’t forget me when you are dying.” But you have to become enlightened - dead or alive!

The commune is an immense field of energy and experiment. And soon in other communes around the world, I will manage at least one person to be enlightened, so no commune misses this twenty-five-mile radius of energy.