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Chapter 17: The Deathless One

You must have heard about a well-known saying which is very meaningful, because when people believe in a certain thing for thousands of years it is certain that there is some truth, some wisdom hidden in it. You may have heard that when an enlightened one dies, as his life-breath goes out it breaks a hole in the crown of his skull. His energy leaves through the top of his head. A sexual person who is full of lust will leave his body through his sex center. All deaths happen through different points and at different levels in the body. All people don’t die in the same way. Just as all people don’t live in the same way, they also don’t die in the same way. We are unique in life and in death also we are all different.

When Hindus saw that the death of an enlightened one happens through the top of the skull, they started breaking a hole in the skulls of their dead. The son will break a hole with a stick in the skull of his dead father on the funeral pyre. But this is only a symbol because to break the skull of the dead father makes no sense: it is meaningless because his life-breath has already left him. But the ritual has remained because the death of an enlightened person happens spontaneously through the top of the skull; he leaves his body through there and merges with existence.

Every son wants his father also to attain to that ultimate state, so he breaks a hole in the father’s skull. But to break a hole in the skull of a dead body that is burning on the funeral pyre has no meaning. It will make no difference if the skull has been broken open by you. Only when the energy moves to the head on its own, to the seventh center, will the death happen through the skull. And the next birth is decided by the center through which the life-breath of the person has gone out at death. There is a whole science that has to do with choosing a new womb.

Yoga says that there are one hundred-and-one energy-channels in the heart: one hundred energy-channels take you into the world and one energy-channel leads you to liberation. These one hundred energy-channels are one hundred paths. The journey into different births happens through different energy-channels; the next birth is decided by the energy-channel through which the life-breath has gone out at the time of death. And there is only one energy-channel through which one will not enter a womb again, where life reaches to higher dimensions. The name for that one channel is sushumna. The essence of the whole of yoga is to find how the life-energy can move into this energy-channel, how the life-energy can rise upwards and enter sushumna, which will liberate the seeker from all ties with the outer world.

Usually your energy is focused in the sex center. Nature needs it to be there. Nature is not concerned with you, it is more concerned with the continuation of life. Your life or death are not a concern for nature: the concern is that your children and their children should live on. Nature is not interested in the individual, its concern is with your offspring, that life should continue. This is why sex has such a powerful pull. You try hard in a thousand-and-one ways but still, the sexual urge possesses you. Nature has put so much energy into this center that you become simply helpless. Sexual desire takes over, it just gets hold of you and you are carried away by it.

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