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Chapter 6: Think without Mind

For ninety-nine percent? Patanjali will be the way. So I don’t discard Patanjali - I don’t discard anything. Everything is accepted and used. Use all the methods skillfully and you will be benefited by all. And don’t become obsessed with a method. Don’t say that “I believe in gradual growth.” If you say, “I believe in gradual growth,” then you are preventing the possibility of sudden enlightenment. Maybe you are the person - who knows? - you are Hui Neng! Even Hui Neng was not aware until he became enlightened. Who knows?! Somebody may be here who is a Hui Neng, a potential Hui Neng, and if he starts thinking that “No, it is not possible. I don’t believe in sudden enlightenment,” that very idea will prevent him. Then he will listen to the four lines of the Diamond Sutra and will not become enlightened because of his idea.

I would like you to remain open.

But I am not saying that everybody is going to become enlightened just by listening to those four lines of the Diamond Sutra, because then there is again a danger: listening to those four lines, you may start believing you have become enlightened. That will be a pretension, that will be delirium, that will be madness. Both dangers are there.

I make you aware of all the dangers, all the possibilities; I make all the paths available to you.

Don’t believe in any path. Don’t discard any path offhand, a priori, no. Keep open. And use whatsoever feels right in this moment. And everything will help and everything will support and everything will strengthen, and everything will open you up. All things can be used. And you can be benefited by all the paths.

The second question:

I am frustrated - you say,” Be herenow, drop the mind, be spontaneous” - to me this would be an enlightened state. I don’t experience being enlightened, so what does this asshole do in the meantime?

Meantime, enjoy being unenlightened - because, who knows, tomorrow you may become enlightened.

I make you beware: meanwhile enjoy being unenlightened - because once enlightened, you are en-lightened forever. Watch out! Then don’t come to me and say that “Now I have become enlightened and I want to enjoy things which only can be enjoyed in a state of unenlightenment.” Then I will not be of much help.

I can help you from unenlightenment towards enlightenment; I cannot help you from enlightenment towards unenlightenment. That is not possible. That has never happened! That is not possible - once you know, you know. Then a thousand and one things will immediately become impossible. So don’t waste time - enjoy!

You ask me: “I am frustrated.”

Because you are carrying an idea of becoming enlightened - and you are unenlightened! And the idea of becoming enlightened is continuously hammering, and continuously you know you are unenlightened, so frustration..

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