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Chapter 17: Truth Is Dangerous

Buddha died in Mahakashyapa’s lap; his head was in Mahakashyapa’s lap. That was a rare phenomenon, because Buddha had ten thousand disciples present at that moment. Amongst those ten thousand at least one hundred were enlightened. Why was Mahakashyapa chosen? The question went around, “Why has Mahakashyapa been chosen?”

Sariputra, another enlightened disciple of Gautam Buddha, said, “He is the only one who has become a master but has not left his discipleship. The remaining ninety-nine have become masters and forgotten about discipleship. He is richer; he is a disciple and he is a master. He has much more than anybody else present here.”

And it is not surprising that Mahakashyapa became the source of one of the greatest traditions, which is still alive - Zen. Which has given to the world more enlightened people than anything else.