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Chapter 3: Love beyond Good and Evil

My feeling is that since I have known you, your sannyasins have passed through an evolution, but you have too. So are we making this journey hand in hand?

It is true, and it is not true. The sannyasins have been certainly evolving, going through radical changes in their lifestyle, in their thinking, in their behavior, in their very vision of existence. I am also moving moment to moment, changing. In this sense it is true that I have gone through a revolution hand in hand with my sannyasins. But in another sense - and a far more deeper sense - your change is the change inwards. I am moving beyond the inner and the outer. The reality is neither inner nor outer; it transcends both.

I love the expression “hand in hand,” but it is just like when the sun rises in the morning and the birds start singing, the flowers open and release their fragrance. As the sun rises, they are also blossoming - hand in hand - but the distance is immense. That’s why I said the question is a little complicated.

I am with you and yet far away; the distance is just like that between a rose opening and the sun rising. Without the sunrise the rose will not open. And I say it on my own authority: that if all the roses decide not to open the sun will not rise. It will look so stupid - for whom to rise, for what?

Existence is interconnected so deeply, so intimately.but the distances are vast. On the full-moon night you see the ocean - it is affected by the full moon - hand in hand - but the moon is far away. And it is not only the ocean that is affected; even you are affected, because eighty percent of you is ocean water.

It is not strange that the people who have become enlightened - only with one exception, Mahavira - have all become enlightened on the full-moon day. Mahavira became enlightened on the night of amawas - no moon in the night, total darkness. It is because of this fact he is called Mahavira. That is not his name. Mahavira means the great warrior, going against the current - and not only going against the current but achieving it.

Gautam Buddha became enlightened on the day of the full moon. Gautam Buddha’s whole life is connected with the full moon: he was born on a full-moon night, he became enlightened on the full-moon night, he died on the full-moon night. This cannot be just coincidence.

And now psychologists have been studying the effects of the full moon on the human psyche, and the results are staggering. On the full-moon night more people go mad than any other night, the number is almost double. More people commit suicide - again, the number is almost double. More people commit murder, again the number is almost double.

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