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Chapter 2: Magicless Magic

You start growing on one path, because both the paths use different devices, not only different, diametrically opposite. If you try to make a compromise, it will be impossible because one goes to the south, another goes to the north. So one leg will be going to the south, another will be going to the north. You will not be able to reach, you will be divided, you will become split. In making the compromise you will become a schizophrenic. That’s how the human mind has become schizophrenic, split.

Don’t bother about compromise. It always comes. Those who have attained through zazen have attained to the same love as those who have reached through devotion, bhakti.

A man, a Christian, came with the Bible to a Zen master and started reading the Sermon on the Mount. After a few lines the master said, “Stop, there is no need. Whosoever has said these words is a buddha.”

He had never known anything about the Bible, he had never heard anything about Jesus, he used to live in a faraway cave, completely out of the society. But he said, “No need to read it anymore. Even one sentence is enough. It has the taste of the sea. Whosoever has said this is a buddha - is enlightened.” If you ask Buddha, Meera is enlightened, Chaitanya is enlightened. If you ask Meera and Chaitanya, Buddha is enlightened, Bodhidharma is enlightened.

Let me put in this way. If you follow love, devotion, surrender, one day you will suddenly find you are full of meditation. If you follow meditation, one day you will find the beloved has come, he has knocked at the door.

Enough for today.