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Chapter 7: Bliss plus Meditation

.without desire.

Don’t ask for anything. Jesus says: “Ask, and it shall be given.” Buddha says: “Ask not, and it shall be given.” Jesus says: “Seek, and ye shall find.” Buddha says: “Seek not, and ye shall find.” Jesus says: “Knock, and the doors shall be opened unto you.” Buddha says: “There is no need to knock; the doors are already open.”

Why this difference between two enlightened persons? Both are awakened. The difference is because of the audience. Jesus is speaking to very ordinary people; Buddha is speaking to his commune - that is the difference. He can speak the highest truth without any compromise. Jesus cannot. Jesus has to compromise with the listeners.

Jesus lived without a commune. Yes, he had a few disciples, twelve disciples - and those twelve disciples were also not of much worth. Buddha had thousands of disciples and of tremendous value - because many of them became enlightened while Buddha was alive. In his commune there were at least one thousand enlightened people, of the same status as he himself was. He could talk in any possible way and it would be understood; there was no worry on his part about being misunderstood. Jesus had to be constantly on guard, and even then he was misunderstood and crucified.

Sit. Rest. Work. Let these three words sink deep in your heart. Learn to sit silently, restfully, not fighting with yourself, relaxed. Not in a yoga posture, remember, because the yoga posture is a constant effort. No yoga posture is needed. Sit in any way that you find relaxed - even a chair will do.

Buddha used to sit on the floor; that was easy in those days. You can sit in any posture you like. You can use a pillow, a Zen pillow, to sit upon; you can use a chair. The question is not the posture; the question is inner rest.

Be at rest. And when energy accumulates in you, start being creative. Paint, sing, dance, or do whatsoever you feel like doing to make this world a little more beautiful, a little more warm.

We have to create a paradise on the earth.

Enough for today.