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Chapter 2: The Lilies in the Field Are Enlightened

To be unenlightened is something that you have earned; great effort has been invested in being unenlightened, and continuously you have to go on making an effort to remain unenlightened. Just drop making any more efforts to remain unenlightened, and you are enlightened. Enlightenment is your natural state; it is what you are.

So please don’t misunderstand my people. Newcomers are certainly desirous; they have come out of desire, in search of something, but those who have been here with me a little longer are no longer in any desire. They are living moment to moment, enjoying the extraordinary ordinariness of life. Small things - sipping hot tea in the morning: you can sip it in an enlightened way, and you can sip it in an unenlightened way. If, sipping hot tea early in the morning, you are not in the moment but thinking of something else - you have to go to the morning discourse - you are unenlightened. You missed an enlightened cup of tea, and remember, if that is your habit, you will miss the discourse too - because this again is nothing but a cup of tea. Then in the discourse, you will be thinking, “I have to do the Sufi meditation, I have to rush to do this and that and then come back.”

It is not a question of one moment; it is a question of your pattern, your gestalt. If this is your gestalt, that you are always rushing ahead of time, thinking of the next moment, then you remain unenlightened. And this is your effort, this is something that you are doing.

For enlightenment, nothing has to be done, only this understanding: “Why should I go on keeping myself unenlightened?”

That’s why one day I decided: “Enough is enough. I have lived so many lives in an unenlightened way.” And since then I have lived in an enlightened way. This is simply an understanding; it is not a desire.

You say, “I feel very much attached to my country and love my work there.” Perfectly good! Love your work, love your country, go back - but live there in such a simple moment-to-moment way that you remain enlightened. Don’t lag behind, don’t rush ahead. Just be herenow, wherever you are, whatsoever you are doing.

“Still,” you say, “I want to take sannyas - is that possible? Is it not a contradiction?” It is a contradiction, but you are living in contradictions, and this is the last contradiction. Before you can come out of your contradictory life, your life of conflict, you have to close the doors of that life. Sannyas is nothing but closing the doors - the last thing. It is simply a declaration that “I have lived in the mind for so long, and nothing but misery has been my experience. Now I am taking a jump out of the mind into the unknown. I am going into a totally different kind of life.”

Sannyas is just a gesture from your side that yes, understanding has dawned, and you would like to come closer to me to see what it actually is.

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