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Chapter 20: Response Ability

But the so-called masters will always put themselves higher than anybody else. The ego lingers on, whether you are in the world of matter, money, power, prestige or whether you are pretending to be a seeker, a searcher, a spiritual being. Even when you start declaring yourself as enlightened you are playing the same old game with new names. There is no difference at all.

I am waiting for Master Su to come. He is going to be in trouble! He does not know me. In the first class enlightened category.Why should a master who belongs to the first class come to a third class enlightened man in the first place? This is strange! So let him come. He will have to stand in line for the first time in his life.

Once you are enlightened there are no categories. Enlightenment simply means going beyond all categories, all mind trips, all ego trips. It is simply becoming one with the universe.

The reason for people like Master Su is the simple pious ego, now acting in the name of spirituality. The game is old: one has to be on the top. But why do the disciples do this? The reason is the same. If I am the greatest master, then naturally - you are my disciple - you are the disciple of the greatest master. You are no ordinary disciple, you are not a disciple of a third class enlightened man!

I have told you about one religious cult that exists only around the area of the Taj Mahal. They are called Radhaswamis. They were very much disturbed by the presence of the Taj Mahal. Now the Taj Mahal has nothing to do with their spirituality. But the disturbance began when their master died - they determined to make his memorial better than the Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal is unique in the whole world, there is no other building that can be compared to it. And it was made by a great emperor. It took thirty years in building, and almost ten thousand stonecutters, sculptors.Master builders were gathered from faraway countries, the best from Iran, from Turkey, from Egypt, from Arabia. And the emperor who was making it had the whole empire of India and all the money was pouring into it.

These ten thousand people worked almost.When they had come they were young; by the time the Taj Mahal was completed, either they were old or dead. The second generation was working. Sometimes they had come old - they were famous so they were brought - so the third generation was working.

And the emperor who was making it as a memorial to his wife, Mumtaj, was also making on the other side of the river Jamuna his own memorial. When he died he would be buried there. Emperors took care while they were alive to make their memorial too, because after they were dead nobody was going to bother to put so much money and effort into it.

But his whole treasure was finished with the wife’s memorial. His own memorial has only the foundation stones. He could not complete it because he was dethroned by his own son and kept in jail. And the son immediately dropped the plan of the second memorial.

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