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Chapter 4: Understanding the Mind

And the third thing: there are many impure thoughts in the world that keep on repeating. These impure thoughts create a fire, and the smoke from these impure thoughts enters into your consciousness and surrounds you and smothers you. But don’t forget that there are a few flames of pure thought still burning, there are still a few waves of pure thought alive. In this whole ocean of darkness there are still a few sources of light. Try to be close to these. This is what I call satsang.

Although the world is very dark it is not all darkness, there are a few lamps burning. Even if they are made of clay and even if the wick is small, at least they exist. You should try to be close to them because when you take your unlit lamp to one which is lit, there is every possibility that by being so close to a lighted lamp the unlit lamp will light up again. It is possible that it too will lose the smoke and start burning bright again.

Move closer to the flames that stand for truth, goodness and beauty. Bring yourself closer to them. Move closer to those thoughts, to those people, into the waves of those thoughts where it becomes possible to light your lamp.

You can do this in three ways: by being close to pure and true thoughts, by being close to pure and true people, and mainly and most importantly, by being close to nature. Nature never has impure thoughts. If you look at the sky and you go on looking at it, you will find that the sky does not encourage any impure thoughts in you. In-stead it will clear all the rubbish in your head and you will find that by looking at the sky you feel you have become one with it. If you look at a waterfall you will feel that you have become part of the waterfall. If you are in a forest full of greenery you will feel you have also become one of the trees.

Once a man asked a sage, “I would like to know truth. How do I do it?”

The sage said, “There are too many people at the moment, come back when there is no one around.”

He did not go to see the sage the whole day, he waited until the evening when there was no one around. It was dark, the lamps were being lit and the sage was alone. He was just about to close his door when the man said, “Wait! Now there is no one. You have seen all the people who came to see you. I have been waiting outside for everyone to leave so that I could come in. Now I am here and I want to ask you how I can become silent and how I can get enlightened?”

The sage replied, “Come outside. It is not possible in this hut because the lamp which is burning has been made by man. And it is not possible inside this hut because the hut itself has been made by man. Come outside. There is a big world outside which has not been created by any man, it was created by God. Come outside where there is no sign of human creation.”

Remember, man is the only animal that leaves impure impressions behind; no other animal does that.

They went outside. There were bamboos, it was a full moon night and the moon was right overhead. The sage stood in front of the trees.one minute, two minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes.until the man asked, “Say something. You are just standing quietly. I don’t understand.”

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