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Chapter 4: The Greatest Love Affair on Earth

Life is not something like a commodity. Happiness is not something like a commodity, that if others have it, you cannot - “how can you have it, if others have happiness?” - happiness is not a commodity at all. You can have as much as you want. It simply depends on you. Nobody is competitive about it, nobody is a competitor to you. Just as the garden is beautiful - you can look and appreciate, somebody else can look and appreciate. Because somebody else is appreciating the garden and saying it is beautiful, you are not hindered; he is not exploiting you. The garden is not less because he has appreciated it; because he is enthralled by its beauty the garden is not less. In fact, the garden is more so - because he has appreciated it he has added a new dimension to the garden.

People who are happy are in fact adding some quality to existence - just by being happy they are creating vibes of happiness. You can appreciate this world more and more if more and more people are happy. Don’t think in terms of competition. It is not that if they are happy how can you be happy? - you have to jump on them and snatch happiness away, you have to compete. Remember, if people are unhappy it will be very difficult for you to be happy. Happiness is available to everybody - whosoever opens his heart, happiness is always available. This happiness I call God.

It is not that somebody has achieved; it is not like a political post - one person has become the president of a country, now everybody cannot become the president, true. But one person has become enlightened: that does not hinder anybody else from becoming enlightened - in fact, it helps. Because Buddha became enlightened it has become easier for you to become enlightened. Because Christ became enlightened it has become easier for you to become enlightened. Somebody has walked on the path: footprints are there, he has left subtle hints for you; you can go more easily, in deeper confidence, with less hesitation. The whole earth can become enlightened, each single being can become enlightened. But everybody cannot become a president. This country has six hundred million people - only one person can become the president. Of course it is a competitive thing. But all six hundred million people can become enlightened - that’s not a problem.

All that is divine is noncompetitive - and your being is divine. So just sort it out. The society has muddled your head; it has taught you the competitive way of life. Religion is a noncompetitive way of life. Society is ambition, religion is non-ambitious. And when you are non-ambitious, only then can you be yourself. This is simple.

This morning you are the rising sun in my heart,
You are the singing birds in my soul,
You are the rustling leaves in my blood,
You are the warm bodies all around
You are the silence, you are the sound.
You are, you are not.
I am, I am not.
We are.
Thank you for your best song yet. Why can I not hear it every day?

The song is always the best. The song is always the most perfect. Whatsoever I am saying is always the absolute truth. Sometimes you hear it, sometimes you miss it - that depends on you. Sometimes you fall in tune with me, sometimes you stand apart. Sometimes you take courage and move with me, and sometimes you hesitate and linger. Sometimes you lag behind me, sometimes you accompany me. It depends on you. The song in itself is always the best.

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