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Chapter 11: The Sacred Makes You Speechless

I said Gautam Buddha’s work came to an end when he became enlightened. He worked too hard. I have never worked for enlightenment; I have never followed any discipline, any scripture, any religion, any ascetic path. Where Buddha reached after six years of arduous effort, I found myself there from the very beginning - sitting under a tree, relaxed. People used to think - my teachers, my friends - that I must be mad. Even sometimes I used to think, “Perhaps they are right, because everybody has ambition; I don’t have any. Everybody wants to become this and that, and I want simply to sit silently and not to do anything, and just be myself.”

Enlightenment to Buddha was the culmination of his whole work. My work started after my enlightenment. I have never searched for it. It is one of those mysteries which have no explanation. It knocked on my door, and I said to it, “Come in, it is open.” I have not even taken the trouble to open the door. I have left it open always.

The day I became enlightened, then my work began. My work is you; Gautam Buddha’s work was himself.

I have lived for you.

I have no other reason to be alive, because all that life could give to me, it has given to me without asking. It has been very generous to me. But after my own enlightenment, I felt the first urge in my being - that this is so simple, so natural, that it should happen to everybody. And unless it happens to everybody, the world is going to remain in misery and in suffering. Gautam Buddha was enlightening himself; I have been enlightening others. So where his work was completed, my work starts.

Whenever I try to write what I would like to tell you before going back to the West, I find myself as speechless as Lancelot. It is more than gratitude, more than love, more than you and me. And yet, some longing to convey this feeling is there, strong, and doesn’t go; there is a quiet sadness and a burning fire. Beloved master, how can I express the immensity that has filled me so many times when sitting in your presence and living in your buddhafield?

The moment it happens it is always more than love, it is always more than joy, it is always more than gratitude, because life is more than you and more than me. It is so multi-dimensional, it is so vast.. Only if you are not aware of it, are you capable to express your feelings. But the moment awareness enters in your life, explanations start disappearing, expressions become impossible, because whatever you can say falls very short.

There have been many people on the earth who have achieved the ultimate, but we don’t even know their names for the simple reason that the moment they achieved, they became dumb - the silence was so deep, they could not find a way to convey what had happened to them.

There are many mystics in the world, but very few masters. Every mystic is not a master. It is a rare combination of articulateness, of using words in such a way that they carry wordlessness in them, to say things in such a way as if nothing has been said, to be in such a way as if you are not. And the more you are absent, the more you are a pure presence.

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