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Chapter 10: A Single Shout

Remember, anything that prevents you from becoming enlightened is your mind, your thought process, nothing else. And there is the real task - how to drop the thought process. Because you feel impotent there you create small problems: how to eat only once a day, how to eat without salt, how to eat without ghee, how to eat this way or that way. Jaina monks eat standing. If you eat sitting enlightenment is sabotaged. Jaina monks eat only once a day. If you eat twice enlightenment is sabotaged.

One Jaina monk came to see me and he said, “Eating twice is not good.” I said, “Eating once?” He said, “Eating once is okay.” I told him “Half the enlightenment is sabotaged.”

Enlightenment does not come in parts; either it comes whole or it doesn’t come. If twice a day is dangerous then once a day is fifty percent dangerous. You can eat thrice a day, it makes no difference. I am not saying eat thrice a day, because it is not going to help you to become enlightened either. It does not affect you this way or that; it is irrelevant.

Don’t bring irrelevancies into your spirituality otherwise you will become obsessed with fads. And those fads are a kind of insanity, psychosis.

But these people become mahatmas; Morarji Desai is a mahatma. He does not drink wine but he drinks his own urine. And that’s perfectly good, that helps enlightenment. He would like everybody to drink his urine, that seems to be the cure for all the illnesses of this country. I think it is time he should graduate and go to the ultimate mahatmahood, he should start eating his.. And that will solve the food problem.

People become faddists and it simply shows some neurosis, some psychopathology is in it. Sixty years ago he came to know that a young man, completely drunk, had tried to rape his own sister. That has been his antagonism against alcohol. Now this has to be understood. Even in his antagonism against alcohol sex is somehow involved. And drinking one’s own urine.he needs Freudian psychoanalysis. There must be some sexual repression in it; it is somehow an obsession with sexuality. And for almost fifty years he has been trying to remain a celibate. Now too much concern creates all kinds of problems. Nothing is solved, more problems are created. But people will think he is a mahatma.

I would not like you to become a mahatma. If you can become simple innocent human beings that is more than is required. Eat whatsoever feels good to you. Take care of the body, be respectful of the body. Be respectful how much you eat, don’t overburden the body, because that is a kind of anger, violence. And violence is so subtle that you have to watch it. When a person goes on stuffing himself he is being violent with his own body, he is being destructive. Or he can go on a fast, then again he is violent. Just see the point of it: you can eat too much and you can be violent, and you can fast and you can be violent. Eating or fasting is not the question - don’t be violent.

Love your body, respect your body, it is God’s shrine.

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