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Chapter 24: Learn the Art of Living

I would like that guards carry rose flowers rather than guns. But who is going to take care of your children? I can tell the security force to give all those guns to the government, if the government of Oregon is ready to protect the commune.

You feel they are ugly. You don’t feel that all over America the police carrying guns is ugly. You don’t feel that your having nuclear weapons is ugly. You know that you are the people who destroyed innocent people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atom bombs - that was not ugly?

And these toy guns? For five thousand sannyasins only three dozen toy guns! They have not been used, and I have been insistent that they should avoid using them as far as possible, unless it becomes absolutely necessary. If some hooligans come and start raping a woman, will that be beautiful? Rose flowers won’t be able to stop the rape; these guns will be able to stop the rape.

And since we have made a security force, all those fanatic Christians, Witnesses of Jehovah, Hell’s Angels - they have stopped coming, knowing that it is dangerous to create a nuisance here. So these guns have been of immense help. They have not harmed anybody, but they have prevented people harming the commune.

You are a mother: what do you want to be done with your children? Should they be protected or not? If you say no, they should not be protected, stand up - and all the guns will disappear tomorrow. Have courage! Then I will not be responsible at all for whatever happens to the commune; you will be responsible.

Before asking a question, please think what you are asking, all its implications.

You have been clapping because I have dropped red clothes, malas. And when you clap, you don’t know how it hurts me. That means you have been a hypocrite! Why have you been wearing red clothes if dropping them brings you so much joy? Why have you been wearing the mala? The moment I say, “Drop!” you rejoice. And people rushed to the boutique to change their clothes, they have dropped their malas. But you don’t know how much you have wounded me by your clapping and by your changing.

Now I have to say one thing more, and I would like to see whether you have the guts to clap or not: that is, now there is no buddhafield. So if you want enlightenment, you have to work for it individually. The buddhafield exists no more. You cannot depend on the energy of the buddhafield to become enlightened.

Now clap as loudly as you can. Clap!.

Now you are completely free: even for enlightenment only you are responsible. And I am completely free from you. You have been behaving like idiots! And this has given a good chance to see how many people are really intimate with me. If you can drop your malas so easily.. Even in my own house there is one sannyasin who immediately changed to blue clothes, with great joy. What does it show? It shows that those red clothes were a burden. She was somehow managing to be in red clothes against her will.

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