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Chapter 7: Love and Centering: One Phenomenon

But if you find it very difficult to start with love, then don’t feel in despair. You can move directly through centering.

You can call it meditation, you can call it awareness. But in each case, the ultimate result is the same: You are centered and overflowing with love.

You usually say that women help men to become enlightened. How is it vice-versa?

Latifa, I usually say that women help men in attaining enlightenment, and you must have been wondering what the situation is vice versa.

To help somebody towards enlightenment needs immense patience, needs great love. The woman has a few higher qualities.

In the first place, the man more or less becomes interested in enlightenment because his wife is interested. Not to be interested in something in which the wife is interested is to keep a cold war going twenty-four hours a day in the house; it is wiser to go with the woman. The vice-versa will be very difficult. The vice-versa means the man pushing the woman towards enlightenment.

In the first place, who is going to look after the house? And a dozen nasty children.just your great contributions to the world. Afraid that one day you will have to die, you are leaving so many examples that whether your name is mentioned in history books or not, it does not matter - the real history will be made by your children. They will rape and they will murder and they will commit suicide and they will do all kinds of great things.

The husband is continuously worried about the financial situation; his whole life is devoted to earning money. He cannot persuade the wife because that will be the end of the family. Then both will have gone towards enlightenment, leaving those nasty children to destroy the neighborhood - just making places for more meditators.

Man is more ambitious. His ambition is mundane. The woman is not ambitious - and to move towards enlightenment you have to drop all your ambitions, all your desires.

Man is more in his head. He goes on continuously thinking, arguing. And there are things - and those are the only significant things - which first you have to experience and only then you can think about. Otherwise, what can you think about? You have heard only an empty word - love. You have no experience; your word love is only a container, empty, with no content inside it.

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