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Chapter 5: The Great Matter

Our mind -
without end,
without beginning,
though it is born, though it dies -
the essence of emptiness!

Remember, the word mind is not the right translation. It should be consciousness. Our consciousness - without end, without beginning, though it is born, though it dies -the essence of emptiness!

But it remains; it comes and goes, but it never gathers any junk. It remains utterly empty and pure and innocent. The English translators of these poems have invented a way which is not appropriate. For our ordinary ‘mind’, they use a small ‘m’. And with a capital ‘‘M’, they translate consciousness, awareness, enlightenment. But it is very dangerous because the people who are accustomed to reading the word mind will never even bother to look why one m is written in capitals and the other m is written in small letters. To them, mind is mind.

I would not support this kind of translation.

Our consciousness -
without end


without beginning

And remember, it is our consciousness, not mine, not yours. We are one, somewhere deep down, and to find that unity is the greatest rejoicing. There is nothing more ecstatic than to find the point where everything in existence has its roots, the very source.

Maneesha has asked:

Need we love enlightenment - “the great matter” - for enlightenment’s sake?
Is it enough to love the master and want more than anything to “requite his kindness”?

Maneesha, you cannot love enlightenment, you cannot hate enlightenment. Those are not possibilities of approaching enlightenment. You can be enlightened or not, there is no question of loving enlightenment or not loving enlightenment. And it is not enough to love the master because that may become a consolation: that you are with the master, you love the master, what else is needed? Loving the master has only one meaning - that you open up to such a point that the master can hit, and cut like a sword all the barriers to your enlightenment.

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