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Chapter 20: Everything Is Love

Penny Allen
Freelance journalist, Sisters, Oregon, United States

I am so delighted to be here. I’ve been working on what I am writing for almost a year now, and I think I’ve been here fifteen or twenty times. I always hoped that I would get a chance to talk with you, but you weren’t talking then.
It’s been very exciting these days since you’ve been talking because I’ve been hearing about what you’ve been saying, all over.
I want to communicate something to people about what’s happening here and about you that will intrigue them and that will make them want to know more.
I have read that your goal is to make enlightenment available to as many people as possible. Now I hear that you’re saying that enlightenment is not all its cracked up to be, and that you want to be normal. What’s happening?

Enlightenment is only the beginning. There is infinity.to go far. Enlightenment is only a door, and then there is an unending existence, an unending evolution, expansion.

The people who are unconscious, for them enlightenment is the goal; but they are not aware of the fact that enlightenment is only a door. Once you have reached it, then a new kind of pilgrimage starts. Up to this door you were an entity; beyond this door you will not be an entity, you will be just pure consciousness without a body, without a mind. You will be just a fragrance which will go on spreading all over existence.

And the fragrance is luminous. It is full of awareness. It knows itself and it knows the whole existence around it - not as separate but part, a kind of at-one-ment. It is the universe and the universe is it; there is no division, no duality. Now the observer becomes the observed, the seer becomes the seen. He is both. It is difficult to explain to people who have not even thought about the door, whose lives go on like sleepwalkers, somnambulists. They live - but at the very minimum level, without any intensity, without any totality.

And this calamity has happened because of a few vested interests. The priest, the politician, all those who have been in power - they never wanted man to be awake, because if humanity consists of awakened individuals there is not going to be any Christianity, there is not going to be any Hinduism; there is not going to be any American, any Russian, any German; there is not going to be the white man and the black man; there is not going to be man the superior and woman the inferior. All these stupidities will disappear. For the awakened man the whole existence is one - not only this earth, but now he is joined with the stars too. And in his vision the smallest blade of grass is as significant and important to existence as the biggest star, millions of light years away.

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