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Chapter 24: Go to Your Bathroom Dancing

When you said that you are not celibate, I was shocked. I guess I thought you had transcended sex. Why did this disturb me?

I was also shocked, because I was thinking you all would be shocked and only one camel got the shock. But his question is meaningful.

You were shocked, Mr. Camel, because you had certain expectations of me. It is strange - I don’t expect anything from you, and you go on expecting how I should be, what I should do, what I should not. I am giving you total freedom, and you want me to be a prisoner of your expectations?

You were shocked because of the long, ancient tradition of a very surprising phenomenon: masters have been imposing their ideas on their disciples; in return the disciples were imposing their ideas on the masters. And it was not that the master was really a master - because he followed his own followers, he fulfilled their expectations.

If he does not fulfill their expectations all his respectability is gone, the followers will disperse. In fact, the same people who had respected him like a god will treat him like a dog. He will be condemned and cursed. And your old so-called masters were not courageous enough to remain free. What could they give you? They were imprisoned by you.

You both were doing the same thing. The follower was fulfilling the master’s ideas; otherwise he would be condemned - that is clear. The other thing is a little more subtle: the followers had certain criteria, expectations, and their so-called masters - they don’t deserve even to be called “so-called” masters - were fulfilling their expectations for centuries; it was a mutual slavery. That’s why you were shocked. It has nothing to do with my celibacy or my love. It has something to do with your rotten mind.

Who are you to expect anything from me?

We have no contract, no bargain.

You are here out of your own freedom, I am here out of my own freedom. Freedom is the only bridge between us. I don’t expect anything from you, still, what stupidity.you expect anything from me? I should follow your idea of enlightenment? Are you enlightened? An enlightened man should follow the idea of the unenlightened, how he has to behave? Do you see the absurdity of it? But the follower’s ego is fulfilled: his master is celibate, his master is this, that..

Every religion has created different kinds of expectations. The Jaina master has to remain naked, only then will Jainas recognize him as enlightened. I don’t see any relationship between nakedness and enlightenment. Do you see any relationship?

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