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Chapter 20: Words Cannot Contain It

The first question:

I love you. I also love your jokes. I am very serious these days. This whole enlightenment game is too heavy. Please tell more jokes.

Enlightenment, the very idea of enlightenment, is the greatest joke there is. It is a joke because it is trying to get something which is already there. It is trying to reach somewhere where you are already. It is trying to get rid of something which is not there at all. It is an effort which is ridiculous.

You are enlightened from the very beginning. Enlightenment is your nature. Enlightenment is not something that has to be achieved, it is not a goal. It is your source, it is your very energy.

But once you start thinking about enlightenment as a goal, you will become serious, you will be in tremendous trouble - and absolutely unnecessarily, of your own creation. And you will never succeed either, because to think of enlightenment as a goal is already to miss the whole point. It is not there to be sought, it is in the seeker. The seeker cannot seek it! If the seeker tries to seek it, he will never find it. It is as if somebody is trying to find his glasses and the glasses are on his nose; he’s trying to find the glasses with the help of the glasses, and he is not aware. It is ridiculous!

You are creating a serious trip for yourself. You are making it a goal and it is your source. You are making it your ambition - and it is already the case! From the very beginning, nobody is unenlightened. Then what has happened to people? Why are they searching? Why do they go on searching? Why do they make a goal out of it?

In life, everything else has to be found - except enlightenment. If you want money, it has to be a goal; otherwise you will not find it. You have to work hard for it, you have to put your whole energy into the ambition, then only will you find. Then too it is not absolutely certain - you may find, you may not find. If you want power you will have to seek and search in every possible way - legal, illegal, right, wrong. In life, everything has to be found because you don’t bring money with you and you don’t bring power with you, and you don’t bring palaces with you. You come naked, empty-handed, and you go naked and empty-handed. You don’t bring a thing of this world - and all those things are needed, and you rush and you try to achieve this and that.

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