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Chapter 13: The New Man: Intellect in Harmony with the Heart

Yes, one man has been doing it, and that is one of my sannyasins, Gunakar; Germans can do impossible things. He has many times become enlightened. He declares himself enlightened: he cannot wait. He used to become enlightened and then he would write, trying to show his enlightenment in the letter - and it was all rubbish.

He wrote to all the government heads of the whole world; he wrote letters to all the members of UNO declaring his enlightenment. And in those letters it was all rubbish, but he was advising everybody. I asked him to come so that I could see his enlightenment. He came, very nervous, and as he sat down in front of me, I said, “now become unenlightened again!”

So he said, “If you say so, Osho, then.. In fact I was so impatient: I want to become enlightened.”

I said, “It is perfectly good that you want to become enlightened, but you need not declare your enlightenment without becoming enlightened. When you become enlightened, you will be recognized. I will write a letter to you, you need not write a letter to me. Just wait!”

So he would say, “Okay, so I am not enlightened.”

This has happened three or four times. Since I came to America he has not come here because he does not want to become unenlightened again. But this is the only case in the whole history of humanity. Gunakar is unique! Otherwise, once a person becomes enlightened he is no more.

Now, Krishnamurti saying to Deeksha, “Osho was enlightened; now, since he moved to America, he is no longer” - that too is strange. Krishnamurti lives in America; his whole life he has lived in America or in England, but his home base is America. I have been here only three years, and I have become unenlightened in three years. What to say about him? He has been here his whole life, almost eighty years - at least twenty-five times longer. He must have become unenlightened! And how can America make a person unenlightened? Yes, it is possible that if you are a born Oregonian you may never become enlightened; that is possible, I don’t see much hope. But even Oregon cannot do this miracle: make an enlightened person unenlightened.

But Krishnamurti is really angry with me. I simply laugh at the poor old fellow. He is nice, but why does he get so angry? And only with me? There are so many gurus around the world, and he is not angry with any of them, so why with me?

The reason is very clear, but perhaps not so clear to him. The reason is clear: what he has been trying to do and has been constantly failing to do, I have managed in a very short period. It is a professional.. The same profession - either of beggars or of masters, it makes no difference. He has no clients, and I have so many clients that I go on chopping and dropping and somehow sorting out the wrong ones.

He has been looking for people like you, but he cannot find them because of his own strategy. He has chosen doubt as the first step - that’s where he missed. The first step he missed.

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