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Chapter 18: Wakefulness Is Awareness

And as he came to me he said, “Just forgive me. This is very strange. When I come here I become unenlightened and when I go back to Germany the desire arises, and nobody is there who can even say that I am not enlightened. Why wait? Declare! And the desire becomes so persistent..”

It happened many times. The last time I heard he had joined a commune and he was washing dishes there. Somebody who was going to see me soon asked Gunakar, “What are you doing? Have you ever heard of any enlightened man washing dishes in a restaurant?” It was the commune restaurant.

He said, “Forget all about enlightenment. Let me just do my dishes and if you are going to Osho, just tell him that I am not going to become enlightened - at least not in Germany! If I have to become enlightened, I will become enlightened when I am close to him. I am feeling immensely joyful just washing the dishes and that enlightenment was such a torture.” because he started just imitating me.

He closed himself up in his castle on the mountain. He would not come out of his room. He would not meet with anybody. He had a secretary and naturally he got unnecessarily tortured. He could not come out, otherwise he would lose his enlightenment. He could not meet people, only the secretary, and the secretary informed them that he was in samadhi. “He cannot see anybody. Don’t disturb him.”

He said, “I have suffered enough because of this enlightenment. Now I am enjoying life more as a dishwasher in the restaurant of the commune. At least I can go out, I can go to a movie, I can go to the disco, I can sing and dance. That enlightenment was a very difficult thing, just remaining closed in one room..”

Enlightenment cannot come from the mind. Enlightenment can come only when the mind disappears. In fact, enlightenment is the light and mind is the ignorance. Enlightenment is the wisdom; mind is the darkness.

If your mind is pure, all buddha lands are pure.

I would like to correct it. I would like to say, if your no-mind - which means beyond purity and beyond impurity - is the buddha land.. It is not the pure mind which is the buddha land. Even the purest mind is still mind. And purity and impurity are a duality. And buddha land has to be beyond the dual. It cannot be one part of duality. It has to be beyond both.

The sutras say, “If their minds are impure, beings are impure. If their minds are pure, beings are pure.”

Up to now, this is perfectly okay.

And, “To reach a buddha land, purify your mind.”

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