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Chapter 7: Time Is Very Short but My Methods Are Very Quick

Now, is this the way of a sage? Who could not say to these fools in Varanasi, “Enlightenment does not come through a language. It comes when all languages are left behind. It comes when even thinking exists no more. There is no Arabic, no Hebrew, no Greek, no Sanskrit, no Latin. Only then that light shines within yourself.”

Yes, when you start communicating of course you will have to use some language. And you will use the language which you know best. In Ramateertha’s place I would have said, “I will continue to use Urdu, Persian, Arabic because those are the languages I know best, and I am not going to follow your dictation that I should start learning Sanskrit. For what? to get your recognition? to be certified by you that I am really a saint? Does sainthood need anybody’s recognition?”

Who recognized Gautam Buddha, that he is enlightened? Who has recognized anybody in the whole world, in the whole of history? In fact it is impossible. The unenlightened people cannot recognize or certify an enlightened one; he has to declare himself, there is no other way. Whether you believe it or not, that does not matter, and that does not shatter him.

Nobody may believe it, not even a single human being. Do you think that makes any difference to the status of a man of enlightenment? He remains still the same, his enlightenment not even a little bit less because you have not recognized him.

Why did Ramateertha agree to learn Sanskrit?

And the story is really strange. He started learning Sanskrit - not only that, he dropped his orange robe and started using white clothes. Asked why, he said, “Because if Hindu scholars do not recognize me then I am not yet capable of using the traditional robe of a Hindu sannyasin.”

When I decided to give my sannyasins the same robe, it was for one reason - to destroy this whole idea that anybody has a monopoly.

In India there is an organization of Hindu monks. It has been founded by one of the politicians who has been twice prime minister of India, for a few days only. His name is Guljarilal Nanda. Whenever a prime minister dies this man is put as acting prime minister. Before the second one comes, for a few days, a few weeks, he remains a prime minister. He has no support but he is a person who can be relied on not to create any trouble. And he is not even courageous enough to create any trouble - he is a weakling.

Sometimes your weakness proves of great help. When Jawaharlal died, Morarji was hoping to become immediately the acting prime minister, but he was not chosen because he is, although very mediocre, also very stubborn. If once he becomes acting prime minister then it will be difficult to recall him, to tell him to get down. He will not get down so easily once he gets up.

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