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Chapter 15: Only through Love

That’s what has happened: from my side everything is clear, from my side everything is as it has always been - the same love, even a little more, if a little more is possible. But from his side he has put down the phone. He will realize it soon and he will see that he has harmed himself. But sometimes it happens: unknowingly, unconsciously, one can become a victim of some deep-rooted desire. And the desire for enlightenment is in everybody.

Enlightenment simply means becoming full of awareness, and he is not yet full of awareness. Yes, once in a while like a breeze the awareness comes to him, and in those moments one can be befooled and deceived, but it has not become his state. If it had become his state there would have been no restlessness in him for it to be recognized or for declaring it. When I am here to declare your enlightenment, you need not.

And it is impossible to drop sannyas after enlightenment - you will feel so grateful that doing such an ungrateful act is inconceivable.

The second question:

You say you want to show India “love,” yet most Indians who come here, when faced with love, see it only as lust. What should be done about it?

Mind of India is one of the most ancient minds in the world, hence it has its problems. A child has no problems - they are yet to arrive - but the old man has a long past, and the whole past goes on becoming bigger and bigger every day. It is accumulative. It carries a thousand and one hang-ups, obsessions, nightmares, unlived experiences still hankering to be completed.

India has one of the longest histories in the world. Compared to India, America is just a new-born child. Even the orthodox historians believe that India has lived for at least ten thousand years, without a single revolution. Revolution means destroying the old and beginning the new - then it would have been totally different.

One day I asked Mulla Nasruddin, “Your umbrella is so new, so beautiful. When did you purchase it?”

He said, “It is a miracle, Osho! It is not new, it is at least thirty years old.”

I said, “Thirty years old? It looks so new - as if it has not been in the rain even a single time!”

He said, “It is thirty years old, but has been exchanged for many other umbrellas at least a hundred times. Just the other day in the temple again it happened!”

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