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Chapter 15: God Seeks You

You misunderstood - but that is always more possible than to understand. Your mind moves immediately to the wrong conclusion, and you cannot help it, that’s how you have trained your mind. In all these talks I have been telling you that enlightenment means going beyond the polar opposites. So there is no state against enlightenment, it means transcending the division. We have been saying again and again that mind is enlightened only when it transcends division.

If fifty percent of persons are intelligent, then fifty percent will be foolish; if five percent are geniuses, then five percent will be idiots. But a genius is not enlightened - he is as unenlightened as the idiot, there is no difference. He may be an Einstein, he may have won Nobel prizes, but that doesn’t make any difference. Just by winning a Nobel prize you don’t become enlightened. A genius is as far away from enlightenment as an idiot. An idiot can also jump into enlightenment just as a genius can jump into it.

Intelligence and stupidity are polar opposites. To enlightenment there is no polar opposite - it is transcendence of both. So there exists no state which is against enlightenment. Have you ever heard of anyone who is just the polar opposite to Buddha or Jesus? There is no one. The whole Vedanta, the whole of Upanishads’ teaching, the very doctrine is this: that when you transcend duality you attain a totally new dimension, nothing exists against it.

In Sanskrit we have three terms: dukkha which means pain, suffering, misery; sukkha which means happiness, pleasure, joy; and ananda which can be translated as bliss. Happiness is against misery, they are polar opposites. Bliss is not against anything, there is no state which is against bliss. If you are happy you will become miserable, if you are miserable you will become happy. You can move, this duality is there. But if you are blissful you cannot move anywhere - duality has disappeared. Against ananda, against bliss, there exists no state.

Enlightenment is not against ignorance, it is against ignorance and knowledge both. It is beyond, not against. So a person who knows more is not enlightened, and a person who knows less is not unenlightened because he knows less. Wherever you are you can take the jump into enlightenment. So sometimes very uneducated people have also jumped, not very intelligent people have also jumped. The jump is needed.

And sometimes it happens that a person who is not educated much is more courageous and can take the jump more easily than a person who knows too much. Just because he knows too much he becomes too afraid of taking risks, because he is so clever he becomes cunning also - cleverness creates cunningness. He becomes calculative, and on the path of the divine you cannot calculate. Only gamblers, only those who can jump without calculating, only those who can take risks, only they can enter.

So this question is just through your misunderstanding. In the world balance exists, but when you transcend the world you also transcend this polar balance. You go beyond the two, you become one.

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