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Chapter 8: Truth: Your Birthright

Each person wants to be free of his needs. He longs for a moment of freedom where he is not bound by any needs, where he is just boundless and infinite; where there is nothing that remains to be attained. Nothing can be taken away and nothing can be left behind. That boundlessness and infiniteness is God.

God does not mean that there is a man sitting up there somewhere, and you will be able to see him and he will bless you, and you will sit at his feet and have fun in heaven. No such God exists anywhere. And if you are in search of such a God, you are under an illusion. You will never find this God. Up to now, no one has ever been able to find this God.

God is the ultimate state of bliss of your consciousness. God is not a person but an experience. So you never come face to face with God in the sense that you meet him or you go to see him; a meeting in which he is standing in front of you and you are looking at him. Everything that you are looking at is imagination. When all imagination and all thoughts have disappeared from consciousness, suddenly you become aware that you are simply a living part of this infinite world, of this existence, of this universe. The pulsing of your heart becomes one with the pulse of the whole existence. Your breath becomes one with existence, your lifeforce starts beating as one with existence. No boundary remains, no difference between you and existence.

Then you know, “Aham brahmasmi, I am God.” Then you realize that what you have known as your ‘I’ is an essential part of the whole of existence. “I am existence” - I call this the experience of godliness.

There are no more questions. Now, for a while, the people who are wanting to see me alone for a few minutes, can see me. If you want to ask something in private, you can do so.