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Chapter 15: All Promises for Tomorrow Are Lies

You are asking me, “Am I missing the point?” No, sir! This is the point, you are getting it. Now it is up to you: you can escape and hide again in your illusory blissfulness, or you can give a lion’s roar and take the quantum leap into reality, knowing perfectly well it is going to hurt.

But that is not the end. It hurts only because of your clinging to your past blissfulness. Once your past blissfulness is dropped, understood as a dream, the hurting disappears, the despair disappears. On the contrary, for the first time you have risen as a man; you are no longer an animal. For the first time the night is over and the sun has risen. And you have learned a great secret.

Go on using that secret, and the third state of consciousness is not far away. It is within your reach. The lion’s roar breaks you away from your past, and joins you with your future.

To become a child again is the greatest joy, and the greatest achievement, because it gives you innocence, freedom, clarity to see things as they are.

I am reminded of a story I have loved always. A great king conquered almost all the known world of his time, and then there was frustration - what to do next? He had everything, and he was stuck. The old habit, the old greed of gaining more and more, - and now he found suddenly that now there was no more. His whole life’s training was for more and more and more, and now he had everything, there was nothing more.

He was very sad. His wives, his advisors, all tried to cheer him up, but he said, “It is futile. Unless I have something more to conquer, what is the point of living any longer?”

Then a very cunning priest - in fact, I should not say both the words together, because the priest means the cunning - appeared in the court. And he said, “Don’t be worried, I have heard about your anguish - there is still much more. For example,” he said, “I can bring you divine clothes from God, which have never come to the earth. You will be the first man, and perhaps the last to have them.”

There was silence, there was doubt. But the king said, “What can he do?” He asked, “What is going to be the cost?”

The priest said, “Then forget all about it. One who asks the cost is not worthy of receiving them. They are priceless. But just to satisfy your enquiry I will say that a few billion dollars will be needed.”

The king said, “There is one condition. You will remain in one of my palaces, guarded inside, and do whatsoever ritual, prayer you want to do. And the moment you bring the clothes here, the money will be delivered.”

The man said, “There is no problem; as far as I am concerned it is perfectly good. But I will have to deliver the money when I get those clothes from God - and I am a poor priest, you have to give me money now. And I will remain in your palace. Keep all the doors closed, keep the palace fully surrounded by your military, so that you can feel comfortable. And the moment I bring the clothes, I will knock on the door; then the guards have to take me to the place where you live.”

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