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Chapter 10: 'The Death of Religion: A Great Historical Event

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The press understands you are going to make a statement first and then they could ask questions.

Beloved Friends,

I welcome you all on this historical event. For the first time in the whole history of mankind a religion has died. I have never wanted it to be born in the first place. But because I was in silence and isolation a gang of fascists managed to create it. It was absolutely necessary that it should be completely destroyed. I am against all religions, because they have done only harm to humanity. They have given you nothing except the disease AIDS - that is their great contribution. Their insistence on celibacy is the cause of all sexual perversions in the world.

They have divided humanity into Hinduism, Mohammedanism, Christianity, Judaism. There are three hundred religions on the earth. Because of these religions humanity cannot be one. No child is born Hindu or Christian. But these conditioned, forced, in every possible way to adopt a religion of their parents. This is a great crime against human beings, because they are not given the chance to inquire into reality: what is the truth? Even before they have asked the question they are being supplied with the answers, ready-made answers. There whole life they will go on carrying those ready-made answers like parrots and deep down their ignorance will remain the same - there will be no transformation.

Belief is the enemy of truth. Faith is poison to every enquiry. Doubt is innocence and it is not given to you by anybody. You bring it with you, you are born with it. Doubt means questioning, it means quest, it means individual enquiry. All the religions are based on belief systems, that’s why they have crippled human mind. They have kept humanity in a retarded state. Science is based on doubt. Just within three hundred years science has given so much to humanity, that in ten thousand years religion have not been able to do anything comparable to it.

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