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Chapter 13: Nothingness

The old man said, “For half a century I have been talking about the right path, and you have not understood it. How can you understand with in a few minutes? - because my time has come. But this has given me a great insight that your curiosity, your inquiry, was not for enlightenment. It was a kind of spiritual entertainment.”

So there are different people.There are people who are ready; they need just a small help, just the shadow of a whip. And there are people who would not budge from their state of affairs, even if all the buddhas of the past and the present and the future were trying to make them enlightened. Nobody can make you enlightened unless it has become your own innermost longing.

Individuals differ, hence Gautam Buddha was always giving instructions to individuals. He was speaking in big assemblies of thousands of monks but he was answering a particular individual and his question. Or he was saying something to a person who was not even aware that it is being said to him. But the person who is ready will catch it immediately, whether he understands that it is especially for him.It will start working in his being.

Because of differences in individuals the teaching cannot be a philosophical system. It cannot be logical non-contradictory. It has to be multi-dimensional. And Ta Hui is right when he says.he guided people according to their individual faculties.

He is talking about Gautam Buddha. It seems he has come to a little sense. He is no longer calling him the pale face, the old barbarian.

.through all realms, while sentient beings each obtained benefits according to their kind. it is like: “One gust of the east wind,..

The quotation is from Gautam Buddha but so beautiful and so poetic.”One gust of the east wind, and the myriad grasses all bend down.”

Just when I come in and I see you bending down I remember the statement of Gautam Buddha: “One gust of the east wind, and all the grasses bend down.”

A man of enlightenment is nothing but a gust of the east wind. Just his being present is enough for those who are capable of some intelligence, who are not prejudiced, who are open and available like the open sky, and who are as innocent as the trees, as the grasses.it is irresistible not to bow down. You are not stone statues. But there are idiots in the world.

Just a few days ago there were seventy people from The Times Of India group of papers. This is the biggest organization of papers, the biggest network, in India - and the oldest. The owners were all here except for one person, the owner himself, who has been in love with me for a long time, since when he was a small child and I used to stay in their house in Calcutta.

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