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Chapter 14: The Child: Father to the Man

Parents love an obedient child. And remember, an obedient child is almost always the most stupid child. The rebellious child is the intelligent one, but he is not respected or loved. The teachers don’t love him, the society does not give him respect - he is condemned. Either he has to compromise with society or he has to live in a kind of self-guilt. Naturally he feels that he has not been good to his parents, he has not made them happy.

Remember perfectly well, the parents of Jesus were not happy with Jesus, the parents of Gautama the Buddha were not happy with Gautama the Buddha. These people were so intelligent, so rebellious, how could their parents be happy with them?

And each child is born with such great possibilities and potential that if he is allowed and helped to grow, to develop his individuality without any hindrance from others, we will have a beautiful world. We will have many Buddhas and many Socrateses and many Jesuses, we will have a tremendous variety of geniuses. The genius happens very rarely - not because the genius is born rarely, no; the genius happens rarely because it is very difficult to escape from the conditioning process of the society. Only once in a while does a child somehow manage to escape from its clutches.

Just the other day I was saying to Tom Cassidy, “Please open your envelope.” Ajit Saraswati has sent me a note about it. He says, “Osho, I found that the word develop means exactly the same thing, that is, “opening the envelope.” Velop means a veil, a cover; develop means removing the veil, uncovering it. Envelope means putting the veil on, covering it.”

Every child is being “enveloped” by the parents, by the society, by the teachers, by the priests, by all the vested interests - enveloped in many layers of conditioning. He is given a certain religious ideology: he is forced to become a Jew or a Christian or a Hindu or a Mohammedan. It is not his choice. And whenever somebody is forced - without his choice - you are crippling the person, you are destroying his intelligence. You are not giving him a chance to choose, you are not allowing him to function intelligently; you are managing it in such a way that he will function only mechanically. He will be a Christian, but he is not Christian by choice. And what does it mean to be a Christian, if it is not your choice?

The few people who followed Jesus, who went with him, were courageous people. They were the only Christians - they risked their lives, they went against the current, they lived dangerously; they were ready to die, but they were not ready to compromise. The few people who went with Gautam Buddha were really Buddhists, but now there are millions of Christians around the world and millions of Buddhists around the world and they are all bogus, they are pseudo.

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