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Chapter 23: A Woman Is More Poetic

And the gods spoke again, “This man is in search of something deathless before death comes. This man wants to avoid death. This man wants to know not this ephemeral life but the real life, the authentic life which has no beginning, no end. He wants to know the existential, not this life which is made of the same stuff as dreams are made of.”

A great turning point. Buddha said to Channa, “Turn back, I am not going to inaugurate the youth festival. I am no longer young. If youth is going, old age is coming, death is the only certainty in life. Then before time is lost I want to seek and search for the truth.”

That very night he escaped. And while he was escaping, he saw the beautiful women sleeping: somebody’s saliva was flowing, somebody had one eye open.. For the first time he saw that these women and men were just bags of skin; behind them were hidden only skeletons.

If instead of Konda I had been there and if the king wanted his son not to be enlightened, I would not have suggested that solution. He became fed up with women, bored and tired; he became fed up with luxury. One becomes accustomed to everything. And the moment you are accustomed it loses all juice.

He had nothing to live for in that palace; he never looked back. In the Buddhist scriptures this sentence comes so beautifully: “He never looked back.” Because he had seen everything - all luxury, all comfort, all women, all food, all beautiful gardens, palaces. What is there to look back for? The point was to find something ahead - totally different from what he had been living up to now. He was asleep; a certain awakening had come to him, and now he wanted this awakening to reach to its ultimate peak.

Enlightenment is not something outside you. It is your own consciousness, growing to ultimate potentiality. It is your own lotus flower that blossoms in the silences of your heart.

Women have really supported men very much by nagging them, by torturing them, by harassing them.

In a small school, the teacher was asking, “Can you name an animal which goes out of the house as a lion and comes back as a rat?”

A small hand was raised. The boy said, “I know him, he is my father. Outside he is a lion; inside he is just a rat.”

And man has to be a rat inside. In fact, every husband is a henpecked husband. It is just a way of adjusting. The whole day he is tired - so many things, so many ambitions, so many desires, so many conflicts - and when he comes home, the wife is ready, full of energy.

Hymie Goldberg comes home wearing a new hat.

“My God!” says Becky, “where did you get that hat?”

“At a clearance sale,” replies Hymie.

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