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Chapter 22: The Real Remains Silent

Equality is possible only at the lowest denominator. But that will destroy the whole of humanity and all progress. So my proposal is not equality of all men, but equal opportunity for all men to be unequal, to be unique and to be themselves - equal opportunity to Einstein and to the idiot. The opportunity should not be different. Now it is up to the Einstein where he wants to move.

Something newer than communism itself is needed; something higher than communism itself. But Ronald Reagan will go to the pope, for the simple reason that the pope has six hundred million Catholics.

I don’t have; I have millions of enemies around the world. No politician can dare to come near me; if somebody comes to know that he has been to see to me, then his credibility, his respectability is finished. But they don’t understand simple historical logic: that Christianity, which is two thousand years old, cannot fight with communism, which is only one hundred years old.

Communism can be fought by something which is absolutely new, against which communism cannot find any argument. But of course a man who brings something absolutely new will not have traditional support; he will not have millions of people and millions of churches. But only such a man has the potential to create the fire that can destroy communism completely.

So there have been politicians, people of power, who have been going to the wise. But that was also a part of their politics. It was not genuine search.

These stories are just hopes, beautiful hopes, which perhaps are never going to be fulfilled.