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Chapter 1: The End of Heroes

Ma Yoga Pratima,

Rajneeshpuram, Oregon

You have said that you are the new man that the world needs, and that this commune is a preparation for the arrival of the new man. Do you see that other people here are going to become, like you, the new man, or are you talking about a preparation for future generations?

I am never concerned about the future, neither about the past. My whole concern is the present. And when I say the New Man, I don’t mean a certain model, type, an ideal. By the New Man I mean a man without ideals, a man with his own individuality, not imitative, not a carbon copy of somebody else. So the New Man will not be like me or like anybody else. Everybody will be authentically himself.

One of the most fundamental psychological things has to be understood: equality is an illusion. Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Lenin, and other communist thinkers of the world have created almost a conviction in millions of people’s minds - not only those who are communist but also those who are not communist - that equality should be the goal. Only machines can be equal; man cannot be. If you want man to be equal, then you will have to destroy his humanity and make him a robot.

It is very simple: just as two faces are not the same, in the whole world even two fingerprints are not the same - and you want two beings to be the same? You don’t value the being more than the fingerprint even? A very absurd idea of equality has become widespread.

Why it became so influential can be understood very easily. Everybody feels inferior to somebody, either intellectually, financially or physically. In some way everybody carries deep down an inferiority complex, because he is continuously comparing himself with others. Naturally, somebody has more intelligence, somebody has more physical strength, somebody can run faster than you, somebody can swim better. It is impossible for anybody not to feel inferior if he starts comparing.

Even a man like Napoleon.you would not think that he would ever feel inferior. For what? He was one of the greatest conquerors, one of the greatest fighters and warriors in the world. But on one point he was very touchy. His height was only five feet, five inches - even his bodyguards were taller - and that hurt. That gave him pain, and he could not even say it to anybody.

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