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Chapter 14: Spiritual Pregnancy

And the further away are the individualities of man and woman, the deeper will be the attraction between them. They should be strangers to each other - only then can they fall in love with each other. They should remain mysteries forever to each other. Only then can their love be a joy, a continuous discovery.

But the woman has been crushed. Her mysteries have been crushed. She has been used only as a production factory - not given the human rights which are basic. And that has made the world boring, ugly. Man has dominated to such an extent that the whole history is filled only with wars. If the woman was allowed as much equality of opportunity for growth, the world would not have seen so many wars. Because in every war it is man who is killed, but it is woman who suffers.

It is easy to be killed, it is far more difficult to suffer. The mother suffers for her sons who are killed. The wife suffers when her loved ones are killed. The sister suffers when her brothers are killed. And their agony is going to last for their whole life. For those who are killed, it is a very small thing. It happens within seconds - and you are gone. But the woman for centuries has been just suffering.

No woman wants war because she is the ultimate victim, not man. It is man who creates war, it is man who fights war, but it is the woman who suffers. The woman is half of the world - if this half of the world was also allowed to have its say, history would have been different. It would have been more peaceful, more loving, more sensitive, more aesthetic. There is still time to allow woman to be purely herself, unpolluted, unimpressed by man. And we will have a better world and a better humanity.

Milarepa, it is not unfortunate that they think differently. It is immensely significant and something to be deeply rejoiced in. But the woman needs her whole freedom. The world has lived under man’s domination too long. It is time that woman had her share in participating in everything that is happening in the world. She has to contribute her part, which is going to be different from man’s part.

And it will create a more harmonious whole than we have been able to create up to now. It has been a half circle. It has to be made a full circle. Life has to become total - man and woman together, contributing to the world all that they are born with: their different potentials, their different languages, their different ways of thinking, seeing, being.