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Chapter 15: The Logic of the Ostrich

I don’t think about politicians at all; they are all of the same breed. Just as you can taste the sea anywhere and it is salty, you can taste the politician - everywhere he is cunning. It may be more or less, there may be differences of degree, but there are not differences of quality.

As for socialism, whether it is French or Indian or Greek or of other countries, socialism is a compromise. Deep down you have started feeling that communism is right, but your whole vested interests are in favor of capitalism. Some compromise is needed, some middle path between capitalism and communism. That’s what socialism is; it is half-hearted from both the sides.

I would like something better than communism.

Socialism is not better than communism; no compromise can be better. It is really our failure that we cannot devise a system which is higher than communism. It is possible, there is no problem about it; we will just have to drop our few vested interests, and our society can be on a higher level than any communist society in the world.

For example, the Soviet Union has been trying for seventy years but has utterly failed; people are still poor. Although now poverty is equally distributed, that is not a consolation. Yes, it helps in a way, because now the poor people don’t have any comparison. There is nobody rich so they feel equality has come - but this is the very lowest kind of equality.

I would like a society of people who are equally rich, not equally poor. And modern science is capable, modern technology is capable of creating a society which is equally rich. But the problem is, the rich would not like it. If all are equally rich then their egos feel hurt, then they are no longer rich. If all are equally rich, then there are going to be many problems for people who have become accustomed to a poor society - for example, the church, which depends on the poor people; only the poor go to the church.

The rich, the educated, the cultured already know that it is all nonsense. They will not say so - they are cultured enough, they are sophisticated; they will not say so. And if it is needed just as a formality, they may once in a while visit the church too, but they know it is all nonsense. Their lives prove that it is all nonsense; they are not living according to the principles of any religion.

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