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Chapter 26: Contagious Health

And by the end of this century the population of India will be the biggest in the whole world. It has never been so; it has always been China who was leading, ahead. By the end of the century - and there are not many years left, just within twelve years we will be reaching the end - India will have one billion people. And five hundred million people are bound to die because there is no food for so many people.

But still the politicians, those who are in power, are not concerned at all about what happens to humanity. Their concern is whether their power remains in their hands or not. They can sacrifice half of the country to death, but they will go on making efforts to have atomic weapons, nuclear missiles.

It is a very insane kind of society that we have created in thousands of years. Its insanity has now become a high peak. There is no going back. It seems we are all sitting on a volcano that can explode any moment.

Revolutions in the past have happened all around the world but no revolution has succeeded in doing what it promised. It promised equality without understanding the psychology of human individuality: that each human individual is so unique that to force equality is not going to make people happy, but utterly miserable.

I also love the idea of equality but in a totally different way. My idea of equality is equal opportunity to all to be unequal; equal opportunity to all to be unique and themselves. Certainly, they will be different from each other - and a society which does not have variety and differences is a very poor society. Variety brings beauty, richness, color.

But it has not yet dawned on the millions around the world that revolution has not helped, and they still go on thinking in terms of revolution. They have not understood anything from the history of man.

It is said that history repeats itself. I say it is not history that repeats itself. It seems to repeat itself because man is absolutely unconscious: he goes on doing the same thing again and again without learning anything, without becoming mature, alert and aware.

When all the revolutions have failed some new door should be opened. There is no point in changing the powerful into the powerless and the powerless into the powerful again and again. This is a circle that goes on moving..

I don’t preach revolution. I am utterly against revolution. I say unto you that my word for the future, and for those who are intelligent enough in the present, is rebellion. What is the difference?

Rebellion is individual action; it has nothing to do with the crowd. Rebellion has nothing to do with politics, power, violence. Rebellion has something to do with changing your consciousness, your silence, your being. It is a spiritual metamorphosis.

And each individual passing through a rebellion is not fighting with anybody else, but is only fighting with his own darkness. Swords are not needed, bombs are not needed. What is needed is more alertness, more meditativeness, more love, more prayerfulness, more gratitude. Surrounded by all these qualities you are born anew.

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