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Chapter 3: Wisdom Is an Awakening

It is recorded that someone said to the great philosopher Saadi, “I wish for perception, so that I shall become wise.”
Saadi said, “Perception without wisdom is worse than nothing at all.”
He was asked, “How can that be?”
Saadi said, “As in the case of the vulture and the kite. The vulture said to the kite, ‘I have far better eyesight than you. Why, I can see a grain of wheat down there on the ground, while you see nothing at all.’
“The two birds plummeted down to find the wheat, which the vulture could see and the kite could not. When they were quite near the ground the kite saw the wheat. The vulture continued his dive and swallowed the wheat. And then he collapsed: for the wheat was poisoned.”

Man is a slave. He is not born as a slave, he is born free. He is born as freedom, but he is found in chains everywhere. He lives in chains, he dies in chains. This is the greatest calamity that has happened to humanity.

The moment a child is born the society starts transforming the child into a slave, it is not interested in free people. It is afraid of freedom; freedom seems to be dangerous. A slave is safe. And the society needs only slaves because they can be exploited. The priest is interested in slaves, the politician is interested in slaves, the pundit is interested in slaves.

These three P’s are the most poisonous P’s. These three have been the root-cause of human suffering, and man will remain chained, imprisoned, unless he gets free of the politician, the priest and the pundit. These three have to disappear from the world. Only then can man bloom in freedom.

What these people have done to humanity has to be understood, because this is your story, the story of how you have become a prisoner. The question is not how to find God, the question is how to get out of this prison that you call your mind, that you call your culture, that you call your religion - beautiful names for ugly things. If you look deep, without prejudice, you will be surprised - your mind is not yours at all. It is a conditioning forced upon you from the outside. The mind that you call yours is not yours, it belongs to the exploiters. They have played a trick upon you: they have implanted this mind in you, and through this mind they go on controlling you. Hence they have been very much against people like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed.

Why did they crucify Jesus? Why did they poison Socrates? Why did they murder Mansoor? These were innocent people, they had not done any harm to anybody. What was their sin? This was their sin - that they were trying to make a door so that people could get out of the prison, so that slavery could be destroyed from the earth.

History says slavery has been destroyed; that is all bunk! It has not been destroyed, it has only moved from the gross to the subtle. Yes, you don’t have chains on your hands and on your feet because the chains have become more subtle - they have gone into your mind, they have become more inner. On the outside you are enjoying freedom, democracy, equality, brotherhood - just empty impotent words - deep down there is no brotherhood, there cannot be.

How is there any possibility of brotherhood if there are Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans? How can there be any possibility of brotherhood if there are nations - India, Germany, England? It is impossible. Man is constantly at war, each moment you are living in conflict. And how can there be equality when you have been taught from the very beginning to be ambitious?

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