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Chapter 3: Breaking the Four Seals

It is awareness that brings change, not your effort. Why does it happen through awareness? - because the awareness changes you. And when you are different the whole world is different. It is not a question of creating a different world, it is only a question of creating a different you. You are your world, so if you change the world changes. If you don’t change, you can go on changing the whole world - nothing changes; you will go on creating the same world again and again. You create your world. It is out of you that your world is projected.

Tantra says: Awareness is the key, the master key which opens all the doors of life. So remember, it is really delicate.. If I talk about the foolishness of repression, you start thinking about indulging; if I talk about the foolishness of indulgence, you start thinking about repression. It happens every day: you move to the opposite immediately. And the whole point is not to be tempted by the opposite. To be tempted by the opposite is to be tempted by the devil. That is the devil in the Tantra system, to be tempted by the opposite. There is no other devil; the only devil is that the mind can play a trick upon you, it can propose the opposite.

You are against indulgence? The mind says, “So simple.now repress. Don’t indulge, escape. Drop this whole world. Forget all about it.” But how can you forget all about it? Is it so simple to forget all about it? Then why are you escaping far away? Then why are you afraid? If you can forget all about it so simply, then be here and forget all about it. But you can’t be here, you know the world will tempt you. And this momentary understanding, this false understanding that you think you have got, will not be of much use. When the temptation comes from desires you will be a victim; you know it. Before it happens you want to escape, you want to escape fast. You want to escape from the opportunity. Why? Why do you want to escape from the opportunity?

In India the so-called saints won’t stay with householders. Why? What is the fear? In India the so-called saints won’t touch a woman, won’t even look. Why? What is the fear? From where does this fear come? Just avoiding the opportunity.. But to avoid the opportunity is not a great achievement. And by avoiding the opportunity, if you attain to a certain celibacy that celibacy is just false.

I have heard..

A countryman went into a London pub with a dog. The man ordered a pint, the dog ordered a whisky. “What the hell.?” said the barman.

“Yes,” said the owner, “he is the most intelligent dog in the West Country. I brought him to see the sights of the town.”

“If I give him five pence will he get me a paper?” said the barman - ”because I forgot to get one.”

“Of course I will,” piped the dog. Then, receiving the money, “Back soon.ta, ta.”

The dog did not return, so after an hour the worried owner went in search. He finally found his dog in a back alley nicely on the job with a bitch.

“Well I’m damned!” said the owner. “You have never done that before.”

“No,” said the dog, “I have never had the money before.”

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