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Chapter 26: To Be Effortless Is Just to Be Spontaneous

From my very childhood, my parents, my neighbors, my teachers, my professors.everybody has repeated again and again: “Listen, if you don’t change your ways you are going to end up into nothing.” I have ended into nothing! They were all right, but I am enjoying this nothing so much. Gautam Buddha had to try for it. I have not tried, I have just not listened to anybody - and ended up into nothing. I have never listened to anybody’s advice, howsoever great. I simply remained my lazy self, bone-lazy.

Anando was worried that I used to sit cross-legged always, but just for a few days.

“Why are you not sitting cross-legged?”

I said, “This is strange, but it does not happen to me. It used to happen.but what can I do?” Should I cross my legs because Anando will be in trouble?

I am not going to listen to anybody; I am going to sit this way.

.Even Niskriya is laughing. When he laughs I know everything is all right. Otherwise, he is a serious person.

Mandelwitz is due to be released from the mental asylum.

He goes for an interview with Professor Potts, the chief psychiatrist, who tells him that he has to answer a simple question, sanely, before he can be released.

“What would be your first action,” asks Potts, “when you get released from this asylum?”

“I would start a rock collection,” says Mandelwitz, “and throw one through each window of this building!”

Mandelwitz is taken back to his room and another six months pass before he is interviewed again.

“What will you do first when you are released from here?” asks the head shrink.

“Well,” replies Mandelwitz, “I will buy myself a new suit.”

“Good,” says Potts, “and then what will you do?”

“I will call up a gorgeous blonde girlfriend,” says Mandelwitz.

“And then?” asks Potts.

“I will take her to a motel,” replies Mandelwitz.

“That’s fine,” says Potts, “and then?”

“Then,” replies Mandelwitz, “I will lock the door, sit her on the bed, run my hand up her stockings, rip off her garter, make a catapult, and.”

One has to be oneself.

And Milarepa has asked a question:

What is the essence of celebration?

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