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Chapter 18: Love Is the Only Friend

Psychoanalysis makes you feel in bondage. It can’t really help. Prayer makes you free. Prayer means religion. Prayer means: you are responsible, you have chosen a certain way of life. Now there is no need to make much fuss about it. If you don’t like it, drop it! It is up to you, it is absolutely up to you. And you can drop it in a single moment of awareness. That’s what satori is, samadhi is: dropping the whole nonsense, in a single moment of understanding, seeing the point that “I am carrying it and if I don’t want, there is no need to carry it. Nobody can force it on me - no fate, no society, no church.”

It can be dropped because your inner essence remains free of your personality. Personality is just like clothing: you can drop it, you can be naked any moment. Your essence can be naked any moment. And when the essence is naked, you are healed - because the essence knows no illness. The essence is always in the state of health, in the state of wholeness.

Prayer is the ultimate way of dropping all personalities - Christian, Hindu, Jaina, Buddhist, Indian, German, English. Prayer is the way to put aside the whole paraphernalia of personality and just to be, pure, innocent. In that purity and innocence one starts bowing down. You may not believe in God, there is no need to believe in God; a believer is not a religious person either. But when you are utterly nude in your essence, when you have dropped all clothing - you have dropped all that has been given to you, you have disconnected yourself from the learned, from all that you have learned, the taught, the cultivated - suddenly you are in your pristine clarity, as you were before your birth. Your original face is there. It is as fresh as dewdrops in the early morning, as shiny as the stars in the night, with all the grandeur of the flowers and the trees, and with all the simplicity and innocence of children, animals, birds.

In that moment you feel so joyous, out of joy you bow down - not to a God. Remember, there is no need to believe in a God. You simply bow down out of gratitude, there is no object in your bowing. You simply bow down because to see such infinite joy showering on you for no reason at all - and you are not worthy, you don’t deserve it, you have never earned it - how can you remain without giving a heartful thank-you to existence? Your head bows down, you surrender. You lie down on the earth in utter silence, your heart throbbing, pulsating with ecstasy. Your breathing has a different rhythm to it, a different melody to it. Your whole energy is dancing, streaming. You have fallen in harmony with existence. This is what I call prayer, not that which is going on in the churches and the temples. That is parrot-like, it is formal. It has nothing to do with real prayer. And this prayer heals, this prayer is real therapy.

You are right. This question arising in you is of tremendous significance: whether you have been healed by therapy or by prayer? You have been healed by prayer. Therapy has not helped anybody. At the most, therapy can make you adjusted to the society. Prayer helps you to fall in tune with existence itself.

Society is man-made, its values are man-made, hence they are different everywhere. In India there are different values, in the West there are different values. Something that is perfectly okay in the West is absolutely wrong in the East, and vice versa. These values are man-created.

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